Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arthritis Awareness Month continues....

As promised, I am going to continue with featuring some of my favorite arthritis areas that support autoimmune illnesses and help to bring our community together on a regular basis. Together we can make a profound and lasting impact!

The next two I want to feature are...

Thrive With RA
You can find her blog here at
She writes from the heart and I have enjoyed here heart felt posts. She also seems to want to help all of us with ra and I truly appreciate her efforts. She has a challenge out there for us this week. I for one plan on trying to accomplish it! I invite you to the same. If we can't speak honestly about ra and do everything we can to get the correct information out there, then who will?

Next on the top of my favs lists is a wonderful organization that has become a powerhouse of sorts. IAAM or International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement  Hats off to them for beginning a journey to correctly inform the world about autoimmune arthritis. This month they are having a 47 hours global event. In their own words "Register NOW and receive notification of the official schedule, programs, organizations that will be involved, vendor discounts, a chance to submit YOUR OWN story for featuring during WAAD and MORE! Join Us any time during May 20th, 2012 to celebrate awareness and bringing attention to the Autoimmune Arthritis Diseases!" 

I am registered and hope to see you there as well. It looks to be a fun and informative event!

People like RA Guy who is establishing The Show Us Your Hands Organization, Thrive With RA, and IAAM can and do help to make our journey just a bit easier. Hats off to them and a heartfelt thank you as well!


Thrive With RA™ said...

Thank you Deb for the kind words. Your thoughtfulness is sincerely appreciated.

Your example and positive attitude are to be commended. Making other people laugh is always the best medicine. You do such as a stellar job, as many of your articles/posts are very funny, or take a humorous approach to things.

Thank you for your kind heart and sweet spirit.

P.S. Have a Happy Mother's Day next week!

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