Monday, September 26, 2011

My Happy Tool Kit includes...Welcome to My Town

As you know by now, I love to take pictures. I am certain that in my own way I feel like I can express myself with pictures and since I can't draw or paint, the world is my canvas through the lens.  One of my favorite distractions from ra (or anything for that matter) is to get my camera and head out. Out will depend on just how much I can handle on that particular day and sometimes I am lucky enough to get further than my own back yard.

I have been known to be found in one of my favorite places which is downtown Wilmington. It not only has a wealth of history but I find a sense of humor there as well.  From the beautiful downtown waterfront
to the majestic steeples of our well known churches,

to the humor in the merchants advertising,

Wilmington has much to offer and not just to the tourist but the resident as well.  One can take a trolley tour of my hometown

or a boat tour of the river rich in history.

And if one has the energy, a lovely walking tour can be done in under two hours.  There is the famous Bellamy Mansion,

the USS North Carolina Battleship,

the many lovely shops at the historical Cotton Exchange

and, least we not forget, Thalian Hall.

photo from:

Indeed, downtown Wilmington can distract my mind and also my stomach with its wonderful array of foods. Ahhhh....the many, many restaurants and lovely morsels at every turn. Most definitely, one of my favorite tools that I use regularly when I venture out for a Fridate.

I can only hope that your hometown makes you as joyful as mine makes me. I would love to know what you do in your hometown to keep your mind alive,  off of your ra aches and pains, and happy.

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Wren said...

Wilmington is beautiful, Deb. I've never been to Delaware or seen photos of your hometown, but now I'd love to visit one day. And you've inspired me to take a walk down my own "hometown" Main Street with my camera and wider-open eyes so I can share it on my blog, too.

Thanks for the distraction. I hope this finds you feeling terrific.

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Wren...My Wilmington is in NC :-) But there is another Wilmington out there and it might be in Delaware. I am so blessed as this area has sooo many wonderful places in the Cape Fear area which includes my hometown and several lovely beaches. There is sooo much to see and do here that it never ceases to amaze me. I have found a home that I love and people that are very kind and wonderful as well. Recently I went out with family and took alot of pics of this lovely arboretum in our town but iphoto messed them up some how :-( Oh well...I will just have to get back there for more pics to put in my happy tool kit :-) Can't wait to see your hometown :-)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful area you live in Deb. We live in Naperville, IL which is a suburb of Chicago. We have a wonderful downtown area with food and shopping plus a great river walk. We often walk this path as a family. Lots of good memories made on this walk. Here are some images I found on Google:
Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent and your hometown.

Thrive With RA said...

Hi Deb,

Your photography talent is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. You should write a book about your hometown -- seriously. It would be witty, funny AND inviting! Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor's Bureau and tell them! They'll be clamoring for copies!

I have never been to NC -- it's on my to-do list, and that Bellamy Mansion is right up my alley! Amazing! I've been appointed to two Historical Commissions and historical preservation and architecture are two of my passions. Living by the water makes your town even more appealing!

Thanks for this virtual journey!

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Cathy...that area looks beautiful and just the kinda place I can get lost in with my camera :-) And the fall leaves...ohhhh....I do miss those colors. Your hometown looks like alot of fun and with lots to do also. Thank you for liking the photos. I have wanted to upgrade my camera as it isn't a fancy one but rather a pocket type one. I think I am ready for something with a zoom lens of sorts and maybe one that takes motion pictures well also. Having two kitties, I miss alot of their pics...I get a tail only :-) I use to work in your area once a year at a trade show. Did you ever hear of Sue the dinosaur? Our equipment (the microblaster) helped to clean her up.

Thrive With RA...ahhh if only I had that much energy. You are so sweet to give me such high praise. Wilmington has a dynamic Chamber of Commerce and Tourism commission as well. They already publish books that can be found in every hotel around here. You would love Wilmington as it does have some history to it. It isn't a big city but has the best of both worlds..small town charm with big city things to do.

Betty said...

Thanks for sharing Deb, this is a great distraction from RA and other painful things going on around us ... I don't get to travel much and know little about such places as Wilmington, NC (or Deleware either for that so I thank you for the information. I enjoy your writing...keep on blogging!

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Betty...thank you for the encouragement. The wonderful thing about the internet is that we can "travel" through it. I can't tell you how many times I have googled far away places to look at the lovely photos or find out interesting things about different places, people and things. Ra can limit us alot and the internet has been a blessing to me personally. It also allows me to connect with alot of wonderful people around the world, like you.

Terry said...

Deb, love seeing your area through your camera, I wished we had some of that around here. When I'm not working or riding, I like to go downtown and catch some live music. We have everything from local bands to big name bands come through. Hinder is here tonight by the way. We also have an annual blues festival that is in the top 100 blues festivals world wide, I have seen many of the blues legends over the years.
Keep it up, I look forward to more photos from Wilmington.

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Tharr...we are very fortunate in that there is also UNCW here and the gardens and downtown also have regular festivals and live music just about year round. I have to admit that even living close to NYC, I still find more to do here in the sense I can get to it easier and it is more affordable which I love. I am spoiled and I have to admit that now. Your area looks amazing in the bike photos you have posted. I am holding you to more photos too :-)

Anonymous said...

I lived in Wilmington for a year in 1990, and it is an incredible place - you are indeed lucky to live there! I'm in the southern part of heaven now, a short 2 hour drive from you. Life is busy for the rest of this year, but perhaps in the spring or summer I can plan a day trip to Wilmington and we can share a cup of tea. I would love to spend an hour or two with someone who is walking this path. It sometimes feels so lonely. Thanks for the wonderful, uplifting posts.

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

I would love that!! Or we could meet up in the middle if the two hour drive is too much for you. do know how many great places they have to eat here :-) They also have a tea house on the riverwalk that I have never personally tried but looks sooo cute! Have you ever tried it? I just read your blog about the coffee withdrawal. Uhhhh...ever hear of

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