Saturday, July 23, 2011

My RA Bathroom...Splish...Splash!

I love to pamper myself and I believe that our bathroom needs to be one of the most luxurious places we can afford. But, as we all know, reality sets in and I am left with the realization that although my bathroom is not a spa retreat, I do the best I can to make it work.

I have come up with a hit list of things I would like to have done to our bathrooms but because some of my items will be expensive, safety items will take precedence.

So for ra's sake, we need the following in our bathroom:

  • grab bar in the shower and/or tub area
  • grab bar near the toilet if you need one
  • good non slip surface on the bottom of the tub or shower
  • bath stool to put in the shower/tub to use while showering
  • hand held shower to use while seated
  • scrub brush with long handle for our back and/or feet
  • pumps on all items we use-there is nothing worse than fighting with containers while having to shower (figure out a way to put them in a pump dispenser). I have even been considering trying that new Lysol dispenser which is hands free or I might try one of those wall mounted dispensers for the tub area
  • raised toilet seat if you need one and/or soft toilet seat if this would help make it easier on your joints
  • 1 Handle faucet for the sink- the two handle versions require too many twists for our ra wrists in my opinion.
  • Good lighting in all areas

Non essential elements of luxury:
  • heated floor
  • heated towel bar to warm towels or bathrobe
  • self flush toilet unless you have a kitty in which case you might want to leave well enough alone

Handy Dandy tools of the ra trade:
  • blow dryer stand for hands free blow drying (I don't use a blow dryer any longer but many of you still do)
  • large handled items for hair care or you can wrap a wash cloth around the handle with a rubber band to make them easier to grip and this includes your toothbrush
  • chair in the area where you do your makeup and hair
  • hands free toothpaste dispenser or consider the pump type toothpaste
  • tooth floss pics (if you have caps or partials be careful with these..the floss may get stuck and you will have no way to pull the floss out like you can with regular dental floss)

The Vital Extras For those of you lucky enough to get down in a tub

  • music to relax you
  • candles with your favorite scents
  • a bottle of wine if you can drink

And for me, I have to have my best bud...

If you have any other ideas to make our ra bathrooms friendly and usable, please comment as I know we will all appreciate your suggestions.