Thursday, July 7, 2011

A perplexing problem...The Girls!

Not my ears but "my girls" sure do!!
Please enjoy the music as you read :-)

I have two of these, the girls is my nickname for them. They are rather large in size and currently are causing me a hefty say the least. Over the years I have been googled at due to the girls, whistled at too, and even jeered at by envious onlookers. Personally I would have gladly given "the girls" away.

Currently, the girls are causing me great problems. One because they are rather large and they are weighing on my achy ra ribs and back. And I have had one heck of a time trying to corral them also. They are forever out there roaming about freely like no ones business.  I really believe I should have to carry a weapon's license...I mean really they could do that much damage when they are flapping around.

Well, in any case, I am now trying to figure out what in the world can painlessly cage the girls. I have tried just about everything on the market out there and very few things have worked without causing great pain in my rib cage. By now, I am hoping you realize what I am talking about when I refer to "the girls". Call me old fashion or whatever but that is my name for "them".

So far, I have found through a dear friend's recommendation one bra that works great for the daytime. It comes in larger sizes too. And the most important thing to me is it doesn't have an under wire. Whoever came up with that invention should be tared and feathered and then forced to wear an under wire bra for the remainder of their days. Fair punishment in my ra book.

I have no doubt I have ra in my ribcage. But...even prior to my ra days, I was NOT one for under wire bras. They just cut off my circulation and I was a fit 130 lbs. back in dem dar days.

Anyway...back to taming "the girls".  What I am looking for would come in cotton, have NO under wire thank you very much, wider straps, and maybe...just maybe come in something more fashionable then white, beige or black. Yes, I have seen the nursing bras and I am considering trying one of those. But why? I am not nursing anything but sore ribs and shoulders. Why on this green earth can't someone design a comfortable bra for larger "girls" made out of cotton? Or maybe I will forever be left to wear my now (mind you it took me 13 years to find these...thank you Cathy for your recommendation) Playtex 18 hour exercise bras.

The girls are forcing me to harness them even in my sleep and it is for this reason I am looking for a cotton based pen for them.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh yeah...did I mention that "The girls" have graduated to a DD.