Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stress! And does cuzing relieve stress?

It can come in so many different forms...stress.  This particular time it was at 4:30 am with a police officer ringing our doorbell vigorously.  What the ((@##$$%#@ was my first thought as I tried to jump out of bed, find my slippers, and get to the front door. None of this went well with ra and 4:30 am.

The officer began to ask if a Deborah lived here. Yes, of course I lived here. He then continued to explain that my 2002 Chevy Prism car was flipped upside down in a ditch on the other side of town.

My blood pressure immediately began to rise. He also continued on, saying that apparently there was a set of keys in the ignition. I don't leave keys in my ignition!!! And like ummmmm my daughter also doesn't tend to be this careless either. He insisted that there was a set of keys in the ignition.  I immediately suspected that somehow, someway my hubby played a role in that part!

The officer went on to say that it looks like my car was stolen, taken for a joy ride by two inexperienced drivers, run into a curb and then subsequently flipped over and was now lodged against a tree in this ditch.

I was not a happy camper! No, not at all!

My husband then went with one of the police officers to inspect his vehicle which was parked next to mine in our driveway before the theft. Yup, the window was slightly down, the glove compartment rummaged through but nothing was missing.  Nothing, except the extra set of car and house keys (my blood pressure continues to rise) that my hubby had decided to put in his car. And he also left his car unlocked although we have constantly implored him to lock it at all times.  Ummmm...I won't go there on the grounds I might sound mean and cruel. And if I haven't mentioned in a previous post, the only car left for the three of us to share (one that requires a car from 7am-5pm for college every weekday) is a stick shift. Needless to say, only the owner of that car can drive it....grrrrrrr!

Off went my husband to inspect my damaged car and await the towing service that I was to contact.  Now you all know my last name is Murphy. Well Murphy's law is apparently ruling for 2012.

I called our road side assistance service. Quickly they hooked me up with a tow service company here in my home town. Snatchem Towing Service would be there shortly. Yup, Snatchem.

So today, two days later, still with somewhat high blood pressure, still with no car, and still wondering exactly when the repair place will call to let me know if this car is fixable at all. And more importantly realizing I might have to buy two cars instead of the one I was hoping to somehow afford.

And oh yes, we did not have collision or theft insurance on this auto as it was a 2002. And of course Murphy's law would have it...I was intending to add this coverage for over the summer when my daughter was to use this car for her internship.
Maybe the world can go away for awhile. Just a little while...I am soooo tired.

And by the way, cuzing for me only relieves stress when done by a cute fluffy kitty :-)