Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ra Junk Art

I got to thinking....and yes, that CAN be a dangerous thing for me.
I have fallen head over heals in love with Garden Junk Art. What is this you might ask?
Well, it is a cross between fun and funky, creative bliss for those of us who like to think we are somewhat imaginative and GREEN.
It is definitely addictive but less hurtful on the pocketbook then shopping new.
It is a way of recycling everyday things into art for your garden.
A dear friend of mine (hello Cathy) are in this head to head competition to see who can create the wackiest, craziest garden junk heaven on this earth.
So far, she has me beat hands down! And for the sake of fun, I have posted as many pictures of our Garden Junk Art as I have...
hint..hint Cathy, keep the pics coming.
Garden junk art is very flexible, fun and fits the owners wants. Not so for ra related wear.
This got me thinking (you have now entered a field of land mines). Why don't we have more creative ra wear.
I am not talking clothing but rather things I have been forced to use in my ra world on a daily basis that to put it bluntly look dreadful! No wonder we get discouraged living with RA. I mean, look at this thing! Dreadful...just dreadful! And here is my hate list: hand splints, elbow wraps and knee wraps (canes do have a lovely, wide variety to choose from). I would love to see some creative type out there invent a hand splint that I can "art" up if I desire. Heck I would be happy to be able to pick a color besides black or maybe white (I think one manufacturer makes it in white). What about blue, pink, purple, polka dots, stripes or anything I fancy.

Why not some type of covering I can change to my liking and to match my dress code for the day. I am by no means a high fashion lady here but really...can't we do better? Can you tell I am a cat lady of sorts with my new ra art piece?  Ever here about the purse with the interchangeable covers...now that is what I am talking about here! A wrist splint with interchangeable covers!  Perhaps a stretchable cover made from material like the book socks! Something we could use as a cover that would also help to keep our brace clean as well. And just think of the ever expanding market for these splint socks...they could also fit over a cast and come in different sizes. Can you imagine a favorite cartoon character for JRA kids? I am a Hello Kitty fan myself.

I want some RA Junk Art in my wardrobe! And guys, if you think you wouldn't enjoy this...think motorcycles, team logos, camouflage, or even a simple brown, green or grey art piece. Heck I could have mine embellished with sparkles too!

And my motto for today is....don't worry, be happy :-)

And no...I have not been drinking! Just wait till you hear my idea for heat sacks!