Saturday, February 4, 2012

Croc Pot Recipe....Deconstructed Stuffed Cabbage

I have always loved stuffed cabbage but with ra preparing this dish has just about become impossible. So as usual, my brain began whirring around (yes this can be dangerous as it creates smoke at times) to come up with a crock pot alternative that I could do.

So here version of stuffed cabbage. Well, actually deconstructed stuffed cabbage.

Your ingredients include: 1 head of cabbage, 1.25 lbs. or one package of lean ground turkey meat (yes you can use hamburger meat if you prefer), 1 handful of rice (I prefer brown but white will do), 1 clove garlic, and 1 bottle of V8 juice (I use low sodium)

After mixing the rice, turkey meat, cut up garlic in a bowl, you form meatballs. Lay these in the bottom of your crock pot or slow cooker. I also add some V8 to the meatball mixture to give them more moisture but you don't have to.

Pour the remaining V8 or all of it on top of the meatballs. Turn on your slow cooker. I put mine on the high mode.  I cooked the meatballs in the V8 for about two hours (on high but if you want to use the low mode you will cook for probably double the time).

Slice and dice up the cabbage. This is the toughest part of this recipe and I am planning on getting sliced cabbage for coleslaw at the grocery store the next time to see if it works. It does have carrots in it but I don't care...more nutrition in my book.

After cooking the meatballs for two hours, I added the diced cabbage on top and cooked for another two hours on high. I am betting you can add it all together but I like my cabbage a tad on the crunchy side and not mushy.

Tada! Deconstructed stuffed cabbage. It tasted just like how I use to make stuffed cabbage and it was alot easier. I am also going to try and just add the meat, rice, and garlic next time without forming the meatballs as they tended to fall apart anyway :-) Now won't that be real simple. Plop in one pot the ingredients and turn on :-) My way of cooking with ra!

How have you modified a recipe to accommodate your ra? Willing to share?

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