Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Beary Merry Christmas Story!

The Beary Merry Christmas Story...

Originally Photographed and Written In 2008 by: Aunta Beary (aka abcsofra) and Taybeary

One day, Aunt DeBear and Taybeary went to the mall to visit Santa and to ask him what the meaning of Christmas was.

However, to their chagrin, Santa was running late. One little bear was VERY sad... "Could meeting Santa be the meaning of Christmas?". they pondered. 

They asked the mall vendors, "Do you know the meaning of Christmas?". However, the only response they received was a spritz of "Chipper Chocolate" spray in the face. 

Taybeary wandered over to a hot young shopper and while batting her eyelashes, asked the same question. To her dismay, he was too busy checking his biceps out in the store mirror. 

"Are fuzzy wuzzy slippers the meaning of Christmas?" questioned Aunt Debear. 

"Nah...although they are quite comfy!"

"Are pocketbooks what Christmas is about?" 

"Could diamonds be the answer?...I know they're a girl's best friend."

"Are hats and shirts what 

makes Christmas so special?"

With empty stomachs leading the way, Aunt DeBear and Taybeary went to Applbees looking for the answer. "I know! It's the fajita chicken!", exclaimed Taybeary. "No no's the blue ribbon brownie!", moaned Aunt DeBear. 

Too pooped to pop, Aunt DeBear and Taybeary took a breather. "I don't think the answer is in the mall!", cried Taybeary. "I think you're right...let's go home and look there", suggested Aunt DeBear. 

Aunt DeBear decided to take a nap and look for the answer in her dreams...

whilst Taybeary chose to hit the books and do some research on the subject.

Aunt DeBear woke up tired and in need of some inspiration. She looked deep and hard into her coffee...alas, no avail.

"I must I must build up my bust...for once I do, I'll find the clue!!"

"Maybe Christmas carols will show us the way..."

"Strap your snow boots on Taybeary. We're going outside to figure this out! While we're at it...let's get some decorating done"

"Obviously we're still hung up on finding the right answer."
"You can say that again..."

Heading back inside, they decided to check their stockings to see if Santa left a clue to the answer.

"I think we need a different perspective on this", exclaimed Aunt DeBear. "Yea, something to light the way...", responded Taybeary.

"Ah ha! I have the answer!...Let's wrap this up!", said Taybeary joyously.

Alas, they had discovered the answer! "They'll never figure out what we got them for Christmas...
Maybe we should have put some air holes in this thing."

The answer was in front of them all along. The true meaning of Christmas is being with your family where you belong.

Merry, merry Christmas to you!

May we always keep Christmas alive in our hearts forever!