Saturday, June 25, 2011

My New Montra...

Anger indeed is a condition and one that I personally do not wish to carry along with all the other baggage I currently own.

I am making a vow to not worry about the following:

Anything I can't change including any crooked things on me...I'll just wait for the two fer deals at my orthopedic's office.

Critters that have legs and might crawl into my home...the key word here is might and besides my kitties love a little extra protein snack every now and then.

The grey hairs that magically reappear no matter how many times Ms. Clarol visits...grey is the new chic in my ra world.

Medications that I take that might make me allergic...I mean what was Benadryl invented for?

Children that are now adults...if they get lost along the way...I'll buy them a new gps.

The dust bunnies hiding under the beds...kitty fur makes a great dust magnet and they love hiding under the beds.

Having to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner...Did anyone say quiche, quiche, quiche? I love this dish! No wonder why!

The mounds of laundry that seem to grow without having to water either...I have named my piles. Pile one is Mango's new bed. Pile two is Moomee's hiding spot and pile three is there to balance out pile one and two.

Bills in every form, the mailed, electronic, and recurring ones...ever notice that in the word bills is the word ills? I wonder if I give them one of my medications they will be cured?

The grass that always needs to be maintained...I figure if we don't water it, it won't grow which means it doesn't need to be mowed.

Ringing phones...let it go to the message center. I have recorded a new message asking all callers for a donation. Are we betting my phone won't be ringing much longer.

Cleaning the bathrooms...I no longer have bathrooms.  Mine are now named penicillin labs.

Making the bed...if I get any strange looks from company, I simply explain that I am an artist and this is my new canvas.  Don't they just love my new art piece that I spent hours creating?

Yes, I will try my hardest not to worry any longer...why bother, it just makes for more wrinkles.