Friday, December 2, 2011

The Recollection Tree

Lives that are steeped deep in traditions tend to be lives that are rich in love, friendship, and meaning. We have a long standing tradition in our family.  Around this time of the year, we venture out to find an ornament that attests to the joys of the year.

Our tree is filled with such ornaments and when it is time for my daughter to sprout her wings, she will have a treasure trove of ornaments and memories to carry with her to her new home.

I know for me every year this tradition brings many a smile to my lips as we recollect what each ornament symbolizes or the event that inspired the purchasing of said ornament.

Mr. Penguin has been with us only a short time of three years.  He was purchased one weekend when we went out to have our yearly picture taken with Santa. And yes, I still have my picture taken with Santa and plan on continuing that tradition until my hair is as white as his beard.

This little trio was purchased in honor of my daughter singing in the Chambers choir during highschool.  We were so fortunate in that my daughter both played in the band and often sang in choirs so we were able to attend Winter Concerts each and every year.  I have always loved this tradition and I really do miss it.  Well, maybe one day I will get the opportunity to attend the praised children's choir here in Wilmington. I can start a new tradition!

High Ho! High Ho, it's off to Disney we go.  We are avid Disney fans and if I could afford a yearly pilgrimage to Florida I would do it.  I bought this ornament just about 18 months ago when we went to Disney World. I can still taste those delicious famous cinnamon roles and see Tink skirting through the sky as she descended through those fantastic fire works.  And if you haven't guessed already, Eeyore has been and always will be my bosom buddy for life! Oh bother!

TJ has always had a love affair with the harp seal since she was a wee babe.  This ornament is a testament to her love of seals and to their plight as well. Have I ever mentioned that we haven't eaten at my favorite restaurant Red Lobster for over eight years now! Yes, eight years. Unfortunately Red Lobster supports the slaughter of the harp seals in Canada by purchasing seafood from fisherman that practice this barbaric slaughter. So, out of a love for this furry white friend we have boycotted any company that purchases from fisherman that continue this cruelty. 

In honor of Moomee and Mango our kitty fur babies!

Bell attests to my daughter's role as Madame De La Grande Bouche in Beauty and The Beast during her junior year in highschool. I just had to do it! She is the wardrobe....
And perhaps one of the most magical traditions for us is attending the Nutcracker ballet.  I am always swept away by the splendor of it all.  And I can't help but also feel that the battle that ensues on stage during this magnificent performance also reflects the ra battle that rages within me.

This ornament is in fact a napkin holder that my daughter made in elementary school. It's simplicity forever reminds me to stay true to this holiday and savor the really important things like family, friends, and traditions.

And last, let me not forget my hey day! This ornament was given to me by my first roommate. I was just over 18 when I ventured out into my own apartment. Yes, she was a wonderful roommate.

I hope you have many traditions that you are able to share with your family.  And I also wish that your holiday season is filled with love, family, and friends.