Monday, September 26, 2011

My Happy Tool Kit includes...Welcome to My Town

As you know by now, I love to take pictures. I am certain that in my own way I feel like I can express myself with pictures and since I can't draw or paint, the world is my canvas through the lens.  One of my favorite distractions from ra (or anything for that matter) is to get my camera and head out. Out will depend on just how much I can handle on that particular day and sometimes I am lucky enough to get further than my own back yard.

I have been known to be found in one of my favorite places which is downtown Wilmington. It not only has a wealth of history but I find a sense of humor there as well.  From the beautiful downtown waterfront
to the majestic steeples of our well known churches,

to the humor in the merchants advertising,

Wilmington has much to offer and not just to the tourist but the resident as well.  One can take a trolley tour of my hometown

or a boat tour of the river rich in history.

And if one has the energy, a lovely walking tour can be done in under two hours.  There is the famous Bellamy Mansion,

the USS North Carolina Battleship,

the many lovely shops at the historical Cotton Exchange

and, least we not forget, Thalian Hall.

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Indeed, downtown Wilmington can distract my mind and also my stomach with its wonderful array of foods. Ahhhh....the many, many restaurants and lovely morsels at every turn. Most definitely, one of my favorite tools that I use regularly when I venture out for a Fridate.

I can only hope that your hometown makes you as joyful as mine makes me. I would love to know what you do in your hometown to keep your mind alive,  off of your ra aches and pains, and happy.

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