Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How I try to forget about ra...

I know that we can never really forget about ra because it is there like the very heart that keeps us going. But I do try really hard to forget about my ra.  And one of my favorite places I like to go when I am able is a local hideaway here in my hometown.  I can't help but smile when I am here...
This lovely little gem is our county's arboretum.  Here I am taken away by the beauty of a cultivated haven, kept safe by master gardeners trained at this very spot.

Every season offers a variety of bursting colors, smells, and natural beauty that reminds me of just how blessed I truly am on this earth.

And every corner offers a different garden...should one wish to replicate it in their own backyard. I say...just move me here instead!

In addition to a water garden, a Japanese garden, Children's garden, and ability garden there is a breathtaking rose garden.  But this beauty only blooms once per year.

And even though I come here to get away from it all, I am still reminded of the beast that lurks within.  This serpent has become my mascot of sorts for my personal ra.  He is always hiding but if you look closely you will see him at every turn.

And although there is a lovely paved walkway that weaves in and near each garden, if one is brave you can get off the beaten path if you wish.
This little gem is one of my favorite flowers!  And yes, I do have these in my backyard at home as well.

For me, bridges remind me of my accomplishments.  There is just something comforting and inviting when I see such a beauty.  I can't help but want to crossover it and get to the other side.

And yes, for the weary they have built in many rest stops along the way.

If you are lucky enough to have an arboretum in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend you pack a picnic and head on over.  You may just be surprised at the many wonders that lurk within.  Happy trails!
OKz...letz me getz thiz straightz. Yuz getz toz goez toz thiz loveliez place, whiltz I stays homez in my holez? Ohz heckz noz! Youz willz payz dearlyz tonightz!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bad Blogger!

Yup that's me! I have been away for awhile in the real world.  Part of my absence has been due to traveling and some due to lack of wanting to write.  I think that blogging can become like having a chronic illness.  At times we just want to run away from it all and pretend like nothing is wrong. Pretend that everything is perfect and we are normal like the rest of the world. But sadly that just isn't the case.

I know I have arrived at a crossroads.  A crossroads with many intersecting conflicts brewing inside, many thoughts to wade through until I come up with resolutions.  Partly I know that some of this is due to my chronic illnesses and partly I know it is also just due to life.  Even healthy normal people go through these conflicts and this is good to know.

What will I do?  I am not so sure right now and this is partly the reason I have been avoiding blogging.  I needed some time to step away from things for awhile, time to just try and live without thinking about chronic illness.

Was I successful?  Well, one never really escapes chronic illness and I know you know this if you are reading this blog.  It will always be there lurking somewhere and although we may try to push it aside for awhile, it is still in the shadows of our lives.  But for a period of time I did at times forget I was chronically ill. And no, the pain did not just evaporate but because I was able to immerse myself in a different place, a different paradigm, I did get away from it all.

Even if just for awhile.

Thank you for your support during this time and thank you for your patience.
Iffinz uz thinkz I wuz outz of de spotlitz furz longz....uz iz kiddinz yurselfz! Iz iz backz! Seez whatz uz beenz missinz!