Friday, September 30, 2011

Feeling Kinda Giddy!

My fall mantle decorations
Do I dare say it? Do I dare to believe that this wonderful reprieve from the oppressive ra will last? Well, I sure hope so and in the meantime I am going to use this small window of opportunity to its fullest.

I am giddy with it all. It seems like forever since I have had any stretch at all (even a day lately) without ra reminding me that it is tagging right along with me. More like dragging right along with me and add about a thousand pound weight to it also. But for whatever reason, my ra has decided to take a vacation and I am so happy.

So, what shall I do with this reprieve? Well, so far I went out to my favorite little goody spots for the past two days and I am hoping that this mild ra stretch will get me through this weekend as I have scheduled a garage sale. I HATE that word! Schedule that is. For some reason whenever I have to schedule something I am forced to remember that I might not be able to go through with the scheduled plans or event. And personally I hate breaking plans. And this particular event can't be cancelled that easily. I suppose on Saturday morning at about 4am I could repost on Craigslist that I have cancelled (and I may just have to do that) but I have plan B in place for this event. My wonderful 20 year old has offered to join the team. If you are wondering where Mr. P has wondered off to (my dear hubby), he is out and about visiting with relatives and won't be back in time for this fall event.

Now you may just remember that I have this Bucket List I am working on and this garage sale is for the next item on my Bucket List.  I so want to try and travel abroad one more time (I only went one other time to England...hello Stachys if you are reading this) and go with my daughter before she needs to head off into the great blue yonder of life after college graduation.  And that item is one big ticket item as far as our budget tends to go.  We have been stashing as much cash as we can over the past couple of years in the hopes of making this bucket list item a reality.

So wish me luck ( I will need it and that is for sure) and sprinkle lots of get rich fairy dust on our upcoming yard sale. Yes, I know. I know. Rome wasn't built in a day and getting there won't happen on one yard sale either but then again, I won't know if I don't try.

I am hanging my get rich fairy conspicuously so that she can continue to bring me good luck and perhaps good fortune too.