Thursday, February 9, 2012

Resume of the Chronically Ill


To show the corporate world that the chronically ill and disabled have many strong business, people, and personal skills learned from chronic illness that translate well into fulfilling current and future business needs.

Summary of Achievements

* Successfully recruited a wide spectrum of candidates in the medical, insurance, and supporting industries.
* Managed high volume of accounts payable while negotiating substantial cost savings with medical billing agencies.
* Managed meager accounts receivables to ensure continued food supply chain, housing, medical and all associated accounts.
* Pursued hundreds of health leads through personal and direct marketing campaigns to met health care goals.
* Extensive knowledge of time management and adept at implementing improved practices to shorten turn around time while maximizing return on investment.
* Persevered to overcome severe obstacles to achieve established goals.
* Conducted extensive research and recruiting via the internet.


Rheumatoid Arthritis, USA
Manager of Illness, 1999-Present
Responsible for all aspects of managing this chronic condition while continuing to live, prosper, and ensure the longevity of said family. Said management includes but is not limited to: overseeing the coordination of all financial resources including both A/R and A/P to maximize corporate health goals, research any new health information via the internet, interview and hire responsible providers, set goals with all contributing providers to ensure fulfillment of continued patient longevity, negotiate with contract providers to maximize return on investments, use extensive knowledge of conflict resolution to overcome obstinate front office staff and medical professionals lacking in this professional training, interpret complex side effects not yet documented by research specialists, decipher convoluted medical jargon in prescription inserts and on pharmaceutical research reports, understand and implement improved standard operating procedures to reduce the use of repetitive tasks, research and purchase any supplemental tools that will augment increased productivity, and interpret insurance contracts to maximize ROI that are specifically written to roadblock all of the above.

Thyroid Cancers, USA
Survivor, 2007-present
Responsible for self education and diagnoses after seeing four different specialists who concurred that this problem was attributed to rheumatoid arthritis. Used extensive sales skills to convince regionally recognized top thyroid surgeon to go against peers and execute the requested surgery for patient. Managed aftercare including: interviewing five endocrinologists in NJ who refused to treat said patient unless another surgery was completed, researching out of state providers to find best supplier of needed services, and successfully completed radiation treatment on own in a hotel room. Continues to monitor self while under a professionals care to ensure no return of said cancers. Researches on an ongoing basis environmental, food, and other things that can and do impact the occurrence of thyroid cancer including the lack of use of radiation neck shield during dental procedures or any X-rays and interference of soy products upon uptake of thyroid medications.


University of Arthritis
PHD, Business of Illness, 2012

Endocrinology County College
AA, Thyroid Cancer, 2007

Computer Skills

MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Dragon Speak

Footnote: Humor truly is the best medicine, however discrimination against those with chronic illness or those that are disabled is a very serious problem for all of us. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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