Thursday, August 4, 2011

My RA Beach Vacation...

Sometimes I think the best laid plans do go astray, no matter how much we plan. But having RA has made me one tough cookie and I am use to having to adapt to make things work.

We had this mini-vacation planned for some time now. I had booked the best deal I could find months ago in the busy beach town of Myrtle Beach, NC. I was looking forward to our mini getaway and just knew that a few days away would do wonders for my soul. It did too!

When I originally looked into finding a hotel I had my regular checklist of must haves. For this particular vacation I wanted a family resort styled hotel as I was taking my daughter and her friend along for the ride and I wanted one right on the beach. I also wanted a full kitchen as it would not just save us a few dollars by eating out only for dinner but it would also allow my daughter to keep on track with her dietary needs which include gluten, soy, and dairy free.

The resort styled hotel I choose was a nice fit except for one thing...there was not one person to assist with our luggage. I was actually quite shocked by this fact as they advertise themselves as a resort. What resort has no porters to help with luggage? And of course I never thought to ask this question by phone. Who in their right mind would have thought to inquire about this accommodation.  My poor daughter and her friend took on the role of porters and had to struggle to get our luggage from the lower level parking area. Yes, they had handicapped parking on the ground level but it was all taken. Ummmm....did I mention that I am disabled and would loved to have been able to have had a parking spot on the first level. The lower level required one to walk a long ramp to get to the elevators while pushing the luggage cart.

But barring the luggage fiasco, the resort was well equipped and I had a lovely swim in their inside pool. Did I mention that they had 6 swimming features at this resort? I now know I must find a pool to continue swimming in where I live. It was bliss. I felt so free in the water and I forgot this lovely feeling of weightlessness with ra. Too bad the astronaut program is now grounded. I can just envision myself floating out their in the space shuttle, orbiting earth, free of my gravitational ra pain. Oh the bliss of it all. But, swimming is close to this feeling and I highly recommend it if you have access to a pool.

I did manage a short beach walk. OK, it was a very short beach walk but I did get down close to the water's edge.  And I was so proud of myself too! See my proof?

And last, I truly enjoyed the Broadway location at Myrtle Beach. It is also handicap accessible and has some very lovely restaurants as well as affordable shops to meander through. I meet some great new friends there.  Even if their final destination was my stomach.

Yes, a mini-vacation is a sure energy recharger for those of us with chronic illness. I highly recommend it if you can swing it financially and if you can't...well do your own staycation and bring in a few of the resort styled amenities for your enjoyment.