Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Happy Tool Kit...Our Christmas Tradition...The Blue Moon

Lives drenched in traditions are fulfilled lives.  Traditions not only give us a sense of security but they also can enrich our lives in unmeasurable ways.  Some traditions unfold like new blossoms in the spring, arising out of a newly planted location while others are carried with us from place to place.  This tradition was founded for our family during our first year living here in Wilmington.  Now we make our yearly pilgrimage to The Blue Moon as the beginning of the countdown to Christmas.

On this day, the Blue Moon opened its doors to shoppers early.  We were invited to explore a wonderful array of artistic jewelry, lovely handmade goods and some of the best goodies known to NC.

And as hoped, my spirit was uplifted and I couldn't help but smile at the whimsy of it all...

OK, can you guess which is my favorite sock monkey?

Have you ever seen a dancing Christmas reindeer?

Did you know that this is my favorite time of the year! And what about you, do you have a tradition to kick off this holiday season?