Friday, October 5, 2012

I am falling for Fall...

The air isn't quite crisp enough for me...not just yet anyway.  But every which way I turn, I see fall surrounding me with her beauty, her wonderful colors, and her enticing fruits of this season.  It is truly breathtaking and it fills my soul with joy!

I mean who wouldn't want to submerge themselves in the fun of this season.  We have many traditions in my household and I find that it is because of these traditions I am able to keep going.  Able to get up and move on, push myself to do because I know the fun it will be.  Traditions are so important and traditions keep us grounded in life.

I have committed to "live in the moment" and I am striving to do this every single day of my life. But it is when I do our traditions that I am probably the most content, the most happy, and the most joyful in life. True...I love new experiences but traditions are like the warm cup of hot cocoa on a cold night, that warm soft blanket we snuggle in when we aren't feeling quite right, or that soft worn out flannel shirt we wear year after year because it brings us comfort.  Yes, traditions are comfort food for me.  And heck, they don't always have calories either :-)

So off to the pumpkin farm we ventured this day. And what a grand day indeed....
The pumpkin patch is featured yearly at a local church.

And yes, there are pumpkins here, there and everywhere!

But what the heck is this! I was so tempted to bring it home and add some feathers.

There are big pumpkins, medium ones and tiny ones too!

TJ found her perfect pumpkin.

I'd say she is a bit excited with her find!

Just the right size for me and my ra hands.

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet and this spider came to scare her away!

Our happy fall fireplace.

My kitty pumpkin. 

TJ's elegant pumpkin. Ain't it pretty?

I truly hope that this inspires you to grab a loved one or a friend and decorate a pumpkin of your very own.  It is truly a great way to welcome in the fall.

OKzzzz...I'mz takinz youz advice...diz iz definitelyz az differentz purrrrspectivezzz onz lifez!

My daughter and I are walking in the upcoming Arthritis Foundation walk. If you would like to make a donation, I know it would go to a great cause! From the bottom of my heart...thank you.