Monday, April 23, 2012

When You Wish Upon A Star...

As you probably know by now (and if not, you will now), I have this bucket list that I regularly work on to keep my dreams alive.  Just less then a year ago I was working on a trip abroad with my daughter.  Unfortunately that isn't going to happen exactly as I had hoped but you know me....I NEVER give up my dreams.

OK, I may not get to the Eiffel Tower as hoped or even Italy to feast on their yummy looking foods. But dog gone it, I am going somewhere! We have modified our trip and are now trying to make our way south to Disney World.  We have been there before and loved it so much, we decided that if we couldn't do France we would do Epcot and take a trip around the world instead!

The reservations are booked (haven't figured out whether I will rent a wheelchair or buy one and bring it with me this time) and I am in the throws of trying to figure out how to pay for this trip. It is like 1/6 of what a European vacation would have cost us and thus the change in plans. Yes, the economy is tight here in my home too but we have already been putting away for our dream trip (see how to earn a little extra cash), so we have a good chunk of the Disney Trip saved already.

Slow and steady will win this race! The target date for this trip is December.

Since Spring is officially here and we have had rain for the past 7 weekends in a row, I am now officially ready for our bi-yearly yard sale. Slow and steady....slow and steady (ABC'S of an RA Yardsale). In the past I would have had our sale only in the garage but since my daughter now has a newer car and needs to park Bee-Bee (the car's name) safely away at night...I now only having two days to set this one up. This should be interesting is all I can say. My new strategy is to label/price items inside my home and pile them all over my living room until the two day set up which starts tomorrow.  At which point I plan on calling in my elfs...I mean family members. Just thinking about this is making me tuckered out. Wish me luck! I am going to need it!

But when I get tired, when I get fed up, when I think I just can't do it anymore...I will wish upon a star and remember...

Dreams really can come true!
We just have to believe!