Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's A Pressing Issue!

Going to the doctors has never been one of my favorite things to do in life. In fact, let me say honestly that I put it at the top of my dislike list. I am beginning to dread it.

First, one has the typical list of must do quickie tests for the patient. Weight, height, review current list of medications and then comes what I am writing this post about…the dreaded blood pressure cuff.

For me this is about as pleasant as putting one's hand in a burning flame. Yes, it is that painful for me.  I have a lot of ra in both my elbows and between the darned cuff puffing itself up around my painful joints, to the nurse who smiles as I grimace in pain…well…no wonder I often have high blood pressure.  I mean, let's think about this. Typically one is suppose to be in a relaxed state, legs uncrossed (did you know that crossing your legs during this test can raise your blood pressure reading?),  and seated quietly while the test is administered.  OK, I can do all that.

But as the nurse begins that whooshing sound, the beads of instant sweat begin to form on my brow.  My upper teeth grab onto the only thing available to ward off a scream, my lower lip.  I bite hard. The nurse smiles as she aimlessly talks about the weather, current events around town, or anything to fill these fearful moments. Can I scream now? I am seeing these little dots floating out there in space. I wish I could pass out because then this intense pain would stop. But oh NO! They have to keep that cuff tight as a vice until they get the reading. The beads of sweat are now rolling down my brow.

I did try and find an alternate solution to this problem.  You know my motto by now..the KISS principle. The only other solution might be to take my blood pressure on my ankle. They do this for woman who have had mastectomies. Well, that might be an amiable solution except my ankles also have profuse swelling and a lot of pain.

And oh, did I mention? They always and I mean ALWAYS have to redo it because the first time my blood pressure reads high. Duh!

Maybe the next time I go in I will request for them to put it around my neck. Whoosh…a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! No pain in my joints as I will blissfully pass out.  Hopefully, since I will be in a peaceful slumber, I will no longer have a high blood pressure reading.