Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Crazy Cat Lady Is Born!

They arrived in a white round bucket screaming and hollering in my son's SUV.  He found them abandoned at a foreclosed property that he was inspecting. And as most kids do, he brought them home. Except this kid is 30!

I called everywhere to source a rescue agency.  We have several wonderful ones here in my hometown but none are accepting kittens right now. is spring. Need I say more! They are full of kittens that need adoption.

What to do? What to do? I called out of my area, in the area that the kitties were found and did find a Humane Society that was a low kill shelter. Mmmmmm....what does low kill mean? Well, from what I could find out, they only killed sick kitties. Luck would have it (or Murphy's law) one of the kitties was sick with conjunctivitis. Should I take the chance? Would they put this little weebie one down? There are no guarantees and personally I just don't trust that they wouldn't.

But I have ra and just getting up in the morning can be a problem. Am I really up for this? My family are not rescue lovers and if I took on this project I would be on my own pretty much.

Their eyes called to me...meow! Meow! MEOW! SAVE US!

The Crazy RA Cat Lady is born!

More epic adventures of her trials and tribulations to follow...