Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Recognition of World Arthritis Day: 137/41/54

In recognition of World Arthritis Day, I want to once again share with you my ra onset story and to encourage you to share your story.  Together we can shine a light on ra and make a difference in the fight to find a cure and dispel the myths about ra. To participate, go to the IAAMOVEMENT.ORG 

I was not overweight when I was first diagnosed with ra but instead in the prime of life!  

RA is only one of over 100 types of arthritis currently known.  Getting a correct diagnoses can be a challenge and may take many visits to your gp to determine what is going on and then get the referral to the rheumatologist.

First and foremost…what you are experiencing is real. Don't let any doctor tell you otherwise! Your symptoms are not a figment of your imagination (as many have been incorrectly told), they are not caused by overwork, having multiple children plying for your attention or caused from menopause symptoms and chances are…they will not go away on their own.

I was very fortunate back in 1998 to have a wonderful general practitioner that understood ra and knew the correct tests to do in order to determine what I had. On the other hand, I personally had never heard the term rheumatoid arthritis. Boy did I have a lot to learn! My recognizable ra symptoms appeared in one finger (at least to me). If I remember correctly (heck we are talking 12 years ago) I had what I thought was a possible paper cut infection. At that time several people in Europe had been on tv with a horrific skin infection that took their lives and this was forefront on my mind when my swollen finger wouldn't respond to the OTC medications I tried. 

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Please share your onset story here.  Please help get the word out about autoimmune arthritis.  Together we can make a difference and bring focus on finding a cure.