Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring has sprung!

The pollen is everywhere here! In the air, on the ground, in one's hair and up one's nose.  I am hoping that we will get some rain to wash away this particular batch.  And along with the deluge of pollen has come the humble bumblebee.  Bumblebees are here where I live and I am happy to see this important creature.

I know that my winged friend has been under attack these past few years.  Science isn't exactly sure what or why the bumblebee is having such problems but for whatever reason, they have been fading off.

I really believe that the bumblebee can teach us alot about ourselves. To me the delicate intricacies of this creature reminds me of the intricacies of our immune systems. Science isn't 100% sure if this decline is due to environmental factors, disease impact, or perhaps even a change in the very DNA of this creature.

It all sounds so familiar to me personally. I have read very similar stories about what may trigger autoimmune illnesses: environmental factors, an illness that sets the autoimmune system to permanently continue to fire off inflammatory warriors, or perhaps it is already built into the DNA of our existence.

And so I watch with amazement, awe and a alot of pride the journey of my comrade. Yes, we have much more in common then I would have ever thought.  We are both fighting for our lives!

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Unknown said...

Isn't it true Deb. So sad for both of us.

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Cathy...well all I know is the bee MUST survive and I would like to think we have just as much importance... (if us means you). We are just pollinated through the written word whereas the bee keeps our food supplies alive. OK, we feed the soul!

Sunshine said...

Questions, possibilities, theories regarding the bee population dips AND autoimmune illnesses. Great connection. Honey bees are such incredible insects, it is a shame.

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Sunshine....and such an integral part of our world as we know it. I also thought that just as we have invisible illnesses, so might this creature. No one really knew they were having such a problem until they just vanished.

Theresa said...

Happy Spring, my friend! We all just keep buzzing along the best we can!

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